N-064 . Alva Noto . HYbr:ID III

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  • CAT. #: N-064
  • HYbr:ID III
  • Alva Noto


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NOTON is pleased to announce the release of HYbr:ID III, the third chapter of Alva Noto’s HYbr:ID series initiated in 2021.

HYbr:ID III, continuing the trajectory established by its predecessors, crafts a soundscape of meditative and resonant tones. Drawing inspiration from Noh, a traditional Japanese musical drama dating back to the 14th century, the album reflects the genre’s distinctive rhythmic movements and its nuanced expression of emotions through subtle gestures.

“The HYbr:ID albums are conceived as worlds. My focus has been on crafting them to possess a sculptural quality. Each composition transitions into the next. I emphasize engaging with them in the intended track sequence, allowing sounds and structures to reveal their full dimension”. — Carsten Nicolai

The HYbr:ID series is Carsten Nicolai’s ongoing research into heterogeneous compositional methods that converge in music fusing geometries, dystopias, and scientific references. The sounds oscillate between stylized, dilated rhythms and dreamy atmospheres generated by high and low frequencies.

HYbr:ID III will be released digitally as well as a limited edition vinyl and CD, in 05 July 2024. Accompanying the release will be a booklet featuring drawings and graphic scores, representative of the artist’s interest in new system of musical notation.

HYbr:ID is part of the exhibition program #Chamber Music on view until August 25. 2024 at Macro Museum, in Rome, Italy. The thirteen compositions capture the music commissioned to score BALLET OF (DIS)OBEDIENCE, a production of Schauspiel Köln and Tanz Köln directed by American choreographer Richard Siegal.

Album Art Designed by Carsten Nicolai / Nibo
Mastering by Bo @ Calyx

  • 01. HYbr:ID Noh Talk
  • 02. HYbr:ID Sync Dark
  • 03. HYbr:ID Noh Human
  • 04. HYbr:ID Sync Inter
  • 05. HYbr:ID Collective Open
  • 06. HYbr:ID Obsessive Behaviour Day
  • 07. HYbr:ID Obsessive Behaviour Night
  • 08. HYbr:ID Para Contamination
  • 09. HYbr:ID Script Solitude
  • 10. HYbr:ID Script Sacre Drone
  • 11. HYbr:ID Script Broken Conversation
  • 12. HYbr:ID Rehuman
  • 13. HYbr:ID Épilogue
HYbr:ID Script Broken Conversation






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