N×001 . NOTON Himekuri Calendar 2019

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  • CAT. #: N×001
  • NOTON Himekuri Calendar 2019

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Size: 195 × 265 mm
Pages: 365+

Japan’s Himekuri (“Everyday Calendar”) Calendar is unique in its format: it’s designed so that each page must be manually removed daily to reveal the following one. You can see the date at a glance and treat each day as a fresh start. The 365-page design combines calendar and notepad, making it compact, easy to use and aesthetically striking. Each page also reveals the lunar calendar, the ancient Eastern constellation system known as ‘Twenty-Eight Mansions’, horoscopes, the traditional ‘Rokuyo”s six-day Japanese calendar, the sexagenary cycle (also known as the Twelve Animal Signs and Five Elements), the age of the moon, a record of the ebb and flow of the tide.

NOTON has worked with a Japanese company that has specialized in manufacturing their own traditional paper products for over one hundred years. The Himekuri won the ‘Long Life Design Award’ for their 2012 design at the Good Design Awards.





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