N-058 . Alva Noto . Kinder der Sonne (for the Play ‘Komplizen’ by Simon Stone)

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  • CAT. #: N-058
  • Kinder der Sonne (for the Play 'Komplizen' by Simon Stone)
  • Alva Noto


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NOTON is pleased to announce the release of Kinder der Sonne, the new album by Alva Noto featuring music composed for the score of the theater piece Komplizen by Simon Stone.

The title comes from Maxim Gorky’s play Children of the Sun, written in the context of the 1905 Russian Revolution. Simon Stone wrote the new play for the Burgtheater ensemble based on this drama.

The single Die Untergründigen unveils a romantic space, charting a sublime path with a new depth of harmonics and vibrant color. Piano phrases, extant yet ghostly, intersect layers upon layers of confluent warmth and cold digital sounds towering and mysterious despite their wispy forms. Intricately arranged, these textures fill the space at any time, fittingly evoking flux as if they were conceived and recorded on a slow ride across the ocean.

Across fourteen compositions, Alva Noto’s Kinder der Sonne takes the listener into a sonic journey of emotional tension and release, revealing a particular kind of sci-fi lust fused with a suite of modern, minimalist ambient classical.

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Tracklist (CD/Digital):
  • 01. Kinder der Sonne – Intro
  • 02. Verlauf
  • 03. Die Untergründigen
  • 04. Sehnsuchtsvoll
  • 05. Ungewissheit im Sinus
  • 06. Kinder der Sonne – Reprise
  • 07. Unwohl
  • 08. Sehnsuchtsvoll – Reverso
  • 09. Ungewiss
  • 10. Aufstand
  • 11. Die Undergründigen – Redux
  • 12. Virus
  • 13. Son
  • 14. Nie anhaltender Strom
Tracklist (Vinyl):
  • A1. Kinder der Sonne – Intro
  • A2. Verlauf
  • A3. Die Untergründigen
  • B1. Sehnsuchtsvoll
  • B2. Ungewissheit im Sinus
  • B3. Kinder der Sonne – Reprise
  • C1. Unwohl
  • C2. Sehnsuchtsvoll – Reverso
  • C3. Ungewiss
  • D1. Aufstand
  • D2. Virus
  • D3. Son
  • D4. Nie anhaltender Strom
Pre-listening (SoundCloud):





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