N×010 . NOTON Himekuri Calendar 2023

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  • CAT. #: N×010
  • NOTON Himekuri Calendar 2023

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Size: 108 × 165 × 20 mm
Pages: 368

This year NOTON publishes a special tear-off calendar designed by carsten nicolai and his long-time collaborator and japanese designer nibo.

“In the previous years, The label published a traditional japanese tear-off calendar with an imprinted noton layout. Since much of the information was hard to read without knowledge of japanese language, We thought to develop an edition which includes japanese, chinese and western astrological information as well as astronomical and historical data.” — Carsten Nicolai

The 2023 NOTON calendar was printed at a traditional japanese printing house with years of experience. The calendar is approximately 16.5 cm high and 11 cm wide.





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